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Mission Statement

Our mission is to support groups and individuals working to spread the Gospel of Christ around the world.

Our Story

 Luke 101 started in 2002 when a pastor and his family had a vision to support and equip individuals to go out and spread the gospel by walking side by side with like-minded believers to share the love of Christ. In Luke 10:1 we read going out two by two gives us an advantage. 


Voting Board​: 

Allison Gaddis

Marlon Brito

Dan Gilland

Curt Zehner, Chairman

Al Keel, Vice Chairman

Jeff Trainer, Treasurer

Advisory Board:

Wendy Zehner

Stacey Trainer

Doug Gaddis

Mary Jo Keel


Luke 10:1

"After this the Lord...sent them two by two..."

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