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Carmel Girls Home

Carmel girls home was built in 2010.  It houses 28 young girls and 8 elderly women.  This home offers the opportunity for young girls to have a safe environment, education, nutrition and a family atmosphere as they live side by side the elderly women who had been left alone to live on the streets.  Carmel home works to develop the residents spiritually, physically and emotionally.  $30 a month helps to provide the basic needs for these beautiful women.

Kerela Christian Mission


The Kerala Christian Mission was organized in 1978 for the restoration of New Testament Christianity in Kerala. A healthy true body of Christ will naturally reproduce as they obey the Great Commission. We are engaged in Evangelism followed by discipleship training. The mission gives assistance to establish self supporting, self governing, self propagating New Testament congregations and train young Christians to be preachers and teachers of the truth.


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